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Status Magazine Issue 2 now ONLINE!


Iza Calzado, TILT, Sandwich, Ramon Bautista, Dante Basco, Keiichi Nitta, Dj Spinbad, Dj Neil Armstrong, Noelle Hernandez and more...
Status Magazine is also available on the following locations:
Coffee Bean, FItness First, Embassy Club, Greyone Social Powerplant Mall Rockwell, UCC cafe, Figaro, Gloria Jeans, Golds Gym, Temple Bar Greenbelt2, Fresh Manila,  Metro Manila. 

Status is all about change.

In roughly 80 pages, Status will be that condensed, unswervingly informative guide
to today’s young and ruthlessly discerning consumers’ needs. We’ll be ahead of the
herd and close enough to the cultural pulse to see a DJ’s fingers laying the needle on the groove.

Ultimately, it’ll be about the upwardly mobile, urban youth—the18-30 year-old
demographic who have just been ushered into the consumer lifestyle—from the girls
looking to burn plastic on hot, new merchandise to the event-hunting guys looking
for something different to do on a Wednesday night.

Urban lifestyles can get congested with the flurry of informative avenues for media and
advertising, yet Status sets itself apart by packaging its market’s desires and aspirations
through spare, illuminating text and raw yet striking visuals. Events pages, product shots,
and features are presented as such in order to relate to its market of individuals looking to cultivate their identities.
Why are we all about Status?

Status is for everybody.

The fact that Status is free indicates our mission to reach out not just to the
upper class looking for local cultural updates but as a purveyor of taste, status
salivation, and consumer salvation to those who aspire to obtain this lifestyle.

Our Status Message is simple: being in-the-know—aware of what to watch, what
to buy, and where to go—is the most imperative tool when roaming in the urban landscape.
Whether it’s unknown yet enterprising individuals, the hottest destination boutiques, or playlists
that don’t just cover what everyone’s soaking-up at clubs, our steadfast aim is cultural enlightenment for the urban youth.

We deal in packaging information that goes beyond borders (from Manila to LA)
and are always ripe for discovery (from new music downloads to new clubs in the city). That’s why a magazine like this will only be popping up on stands four times a year and why, as in fashion, each new season is a reason for fresh enterprise. Trends can sweep into the cultural consciousness and fizzle out into their respective limbos, so we’re looking towards tomorrow. Not today. And not what everyone else is snapping up from clothing racks or grinding to at clubs.

behind the scenes
photos by revolution

We're keepin' it comin'!!!

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