shoot_that_star (shoot_that_star) wrote,


So we all just watched history unfold as Sen. Barack Obama has been elected the 44th President of the US...yeah go homie! (LOL)

Bu the fact that we are not Americans and yet having been glued to the tv sets to follow the campaign trail is enough proof the Obama has been a pop culture icon to all of us (even Mom made a $500 bet rooting for Obama) - American or not. He has inspired HOPE for the American people and it seems even us Filipinos have been inspired by his campaign.

Obama represents a lot of things for the American people - from being the first African-American president, to representing change to being a part of the first election where the young people have been so involved in. It was so amazing to see ALL kinds of people - young, old, black and white gathered in Chicago for awaiting his key note speech, as he was referred to as the president for all Americans. He has been a role model not only for change but for acheiving seemingly impossible goals.

This makes me wish that the Philippines had someone like Barack Obama to look up to and instill hope in all of us. It's also about time we got up on our asses and made a difference.

Who will be the Philippines' Barack Obama???

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